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MicroGolf Egypt

3D Mini Golf set in Ancient Egypt with classic topdown game mechanics for up to two players.

MicroGolf Egypt MicroGolf Egypt MicroGolf Egypt
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Cold Circuit

Infiltrate a rogue robotics research facility and shut it down!

Cold Circuit Cold Circuit Cold Circuit
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Cube Clicks

Shatter glassy 3d shapes with clicks!

Cube Clicks Cube Clicks Cube Clicks
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Pumpkin Archer

Use archery skills and throwing stars to smash pumpkins!

Pumpkin Archer Pumpkin Archer Pumpkin Archer
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Abstract arcade shooter with original mechanics!

Pixelia Pixelia Pixelia
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Easy to learn and addictive TriPeaks solitaire!

TriPeaks+ TriPeaks+ TriPeaks+
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Crystals Constellations

Draw lines through crystals and collect constellations for a cool challenge in this different kind of match 3 game!

Crystals Constellations Crystals Constellations Crystals Constellations
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Crystals is a gem matching game set on distant planets with power-ups and obstacles in every level. Break all obstacles before the timer runs out to continue on to the next level.

Crystals Crystals Crystals
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Frozen Moons

Defend an arctic base on the frozen moon of Jupiter from an invasion of aliens that have laid dormant beneath its crust. A 360 degree shooter built featuring a story-driven campaign and an arena mode! Gain energy and strategically use it on ship upgrades to build the ultimate fighter!

Frozen Moons Frozen Moons Frozen Moons
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Rootbeer Slider 3D

Slide rootbeer and collect all the stars before reaching the finish line!

Rootbeer Slider 3D Rootbeer Slider 3D Rootbeer Slider 3D
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Hamster Mini Golf

Play mini golf with hamsters! Challenge a friend with two player mode! Featuring 11 different hamsters and three themed courses.

Hamster Mini Golf Hamster Mini Golf Hamster Mini Golf
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Tricky Treats

Happy Halloween! Match 3 or more items in a row to clear the gravel off the board before the timer runs out. Beware the skulls, collect them by matching them or by letting them fall off the board. Can you complete each level?

Tricky Treats Tricky Treats Tricky Treats
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Break bricks in this arcade brick breaker featuring 100 levels! Encounter cool new brick types, useful powerups, 3 brick themes and 5 level packs! Very polished and complete brick breaking game right in your browser!

Breakaway Breakaway Breakaway
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Steam Pegs

Set sails for the skies in this new Pachinko game! Use your mouse to aim and the left-mouse button to shoot! Set sail to the sky and hit all the pegs along the way! Aim the metal balls at the red pegs and try to hit all 12 in each level. Get the pegs in the gold pipes to receive an extra ball!

Steam Pegs Steam Pegs Steam Pegs
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Knights & Magic Solitaire

Addictive TriPeaks solitaire set in a medieval kingdom!

Knights and Magic Solitaire Knights and Magic Solitaire Knights and Magic Solitaire
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Temple Pop

Aim, shoot and match orbs in a mysterious ancient temple. Launch traps to clear the board faster. Features 4 game modes including a challenge mode!

Temple Pop Temple Pop Temple Pop
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